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Born and raised in Austria, fully loaded with positive vibes on a joyful journey to spread happiness, love and joy.

You will find here some information about me, my passion, my inspiration and my little simple life.

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Welcome to my channel trailer!

I've created this video to show you who I am and what this channel is all about. On this channel you will see a lot of our beautiful mother nature, my fabulous pug kingdom and of course also me with my cheerful nature.

I'm trying to entertain you with all my creativity and also maybe you'll have something to laugh about it if I translate my subtitles totally wrong - I don't know...

Let me lighten your mood and at the same time I improve my English pronunciation.

Nothing is perfect, but with happy moments and a smile everything is better.


PS: As you know, we usually speak German on my place - I create my videos (mostly) in English anyway. That everyone understands me, I decided to create on Youtube subtitles in both languages. If you need subtitles (available in English & German) turn them on (directly at the settings - below my videos). 100% SELF-WRITTEN, 100% WITH MISTAKES, 100% HAPPY CREATING . And please let me know, if my translation is totally wrong, you should know I'm still learning/ improving.


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I've written a book. Over the summer months I organize "happy Thursday" cruiser rides in Vienna. A day without a smile is possible but useless. I just love to being alive! All that and more about my personality, my pug kingdom & my inspiration you'll find below. Just keep scrolling.

Love Letter to Boulder

To reach the top of a very high mountain, one might need some tools. To make a delicious food staple, one might need a recipe. To live a truly happy life, one might need a different perspective.

Doris Glück might not have climbed Mount Everest or ever prepared a highly complicated dish in her life, but she knows how to be happy.

" I love to share my joy of life. I love helping people. To inspire them to dream. To give hope. And of course, I wish and dream that my book will touch the heart of someone special too. You. In a very magical way."

Doris Glück


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