A blooming sunrise hike | Episode 1 *new video*

My new video is out - enjoy with me my blooming sunrise hike | Episode 1!!
A blooming sunrise hike | Wachau - Austria * Episode 1

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When an idea comes into my mind, I simply have to do it. Like on this beautiful day in April… I thought it would be nice to see the sunrise. An early morning hike sounded very tempting to me. I was looking for a special place to do it and the castle/ruin of Dürnstein came into my mind. Just Candy in her backpack, my breakfast and I were ready for this adventure.

Super fast I hurried to the ruin to be there in time for sunrise at 06:38am. To see our wonderful world wake up and to enjoy my delicious breakfast. For a moment I thought that I wouldn’t be there in time. But see for yourself how I made it and where I enjoyed my breakfast!

It was totally worth getting up at 4am! But the sunrise wasn’t the only reason I was there. This region in Lower Austria is famous for its beauty, especially in spring, when everything around is in bloom. In this region, apricot trees are very special. The Wachau apricot ("Wachauer Marille") is a specialty. It is one of the few Austrian products protected as its own brand within the EU. It tastes especially good when they are made into jams, strudel, pancakes and much more.

But we’re looking for the origin of this delicious fruit. We’re looking for the beautiful blooming apricot trees. After my breakfast, Candy and I took a nice hike through the Wachau.

Enjoy our early morning happiness with Candy and me, and stay tuned for Episode 2, where I continue my adventure and search for my apricot trees.

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