A blooming sunrise hike | Episode 2 *new video*

My new video is out - enjoy with me my blooming sunrise hike | Episode 2!!
A blooming sunrise hike | Wachau - Austria * Episode 2

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After this amazing morning with my delicious breakfast and this incredible sunrise -from Episode 1- Candy and I were fully motivated for a hike. We started our hunt for the famous blooming apricot trees.

You should know, this region in Lower Austria is famous for its beauty, especially in spring, when everything around is in bloom. In this region, apricot trees are very special. The Wachau apricot ("Wachauer Marille") is a specialty. It is one of the few Austrian products protected as its own brand within the EU. It tastes especially good when they are made into jams, strudel, pancakes and much more.

But we’re looking for the origin of this delicious fruit. We’re looking for a field of apricot trees to fly a bit around with Dronie and show you the beauty.

Enjoy with me my nice 14km hike through the Wachau with many beautiful landscapes & sweet Candy moments.

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