Adventure Rax Alpe video is out!

My new video is out - I’ve worked hard for the last weeks to create this video. I’m so proud to share it with you!

Some stunning drone shots up on top of the Rax Alpe mixed with cute Candy-moments and an inspiring read out loud. This is what the world needs now. Happiness and positive thoughts!

Adventure Rax Alpe | Simply awesome and happy


Fascination Rax Alpe, the mountain where the spring of Vienna’s crystal clear water starts, the mountain where my awesome and happy hike starts. Actually a spontaneous snowshoe hike.

The cable car Raxseilbahn in Lower Austria brought us up to 1,540m and the rest of this path is an adventure. Of course is my sweetheart Candy -my pug- also on tour again, well wrapped like a burrito in a warm blanket in her backpack!

Surprise! I prepared a special break up to 1,620m. I read out loud some parts of a wonderful book* -which a friend of mine wrote. Reading is vital for my progress to become a fluent English speaker someday. I hope you’ll enjoy this inspiring pause with me!

“Be Awesome & Happy Today” is the book called. This title invited me to take a closer look at it. And I found some inspiring and passionate lines in it which is my deep desire to share.


“Be Awesome & Happy Today /10 Principles for an Amazing, Manly Life” written by Rodrigo Camacho​ *

Rodrigo is an ex colleague, traveller, creative mind and since I have recently discovered also a wonderful author. I didn’t know anything about his writings since he published this book. And I’m still reading this book! Why? Well, do you know that feeling when you watch a TV show and you know the final episode is coming? You know there is an end soon and when it’s done you will feel a bit sad and empty. I have the same feeling while I’m reading this book!

I feel very connected to Rodrigo's lifestyle, he is an honest and good guy. And I’m so happy for him that such a person found his girl in my office. Where they kissed when no one was watching. But pssst! - this is a secret and my boss shouldn’t know… I’m happy for both! More about that in his book or maybe (If you like) in one of my next videos.

Have fun watching my snowshoeing adventure with this awesome read out loud picnic break!