Bike trip on the Marchfeldkanal cycle path Video is out!

A new video is out!

Candy the cycling pug * EPISODE I.


Welcome to Episode I. to my bike trip from Vienna to Bratislava with “Candy” my pug & Josef - the two best travel buddies in the world. Follow me on my cycle tour on a beautiful summer day with many interesting discoveries on the road and some funny & also silly stories between travel buddies.

This video is mostly spoken in German, but I hope I have translated it in my favourite language - English - for you as good as I could with subtitles.

***UPDATE: Some of my viewers told me, they can´t read my subtitles clearly, so I created also here on YouTube Subtitles in English & German as well as I could. So turn the subtitles in your language on and let´s go (below my video- directly at the settings).***

By the way, I´m still super excited and I hope you will enjoy my second video. Stay tuned for EPISODE II., my friends!

If you wanna know how do we get to Bratislava, subscribe my channel and don’t miss Episode II., I guess it will be funny again.

See ya & Bye, Your Dorli