Candy | 2009 - 2021 | rest in peace

As you know, I love a special and wonderful dog soul. My little princess. C A N D Y.
She was 12.5 years as she decided it was time to go. After two final adventures to Croatia and Italy. And after a last time to swimming in the ocean, she got very ill and I had to let her go.

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Since she was 8 weeks old her charming personality hooked me as I saw her for the very first time. It was not planned to get a dog at this time. Candy decided to appeared in my life. She brought me so much joy and happiness. And love. She always had a strong character and knew what is best for both of us. And I always tried to be the best dog mom for her. Even when she didn't got all the food what my greedy girl would loved to eat. She loved me without any regards like her cookies. Candy was my buddy, my friend, my flat mate, my working buddy - simply everything. Without her I never felt lonely. I always had the best soul with me. Like my shade. Everyone knew me as Dorli and Candy. All the adventures of Candy. Oh, she had a lot! And it was such a pleasure to share all those Candy-Ventures with you!!!

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When you are looking for the specific information about a pug, you will very often find the description "a lot of dog in a small package". This is described by the Latin phrase "multum in parvo" - referring to the pug`s remarkable and charming personality, despite its small size. Well, I guess I had always something in common with her. It’s for you to figure out what it is. Anyway,...

Always hungry, adorable and funny she putted so many smiles in our faces. And btw - I still talk about Candy. ;) For those of you who know me for a while, you know that Candy has had much more adventures than I could recorded. She had a fulfilled life - for more than 12 years - a super happy dogs life. But trough my videos she will live forever!

Forever in our hearts! Forever in my heart!

Only because of her I started my YouTube channel and so my passion for film making. I filmed my first video - my cycling trip to Bratislava - with her. She is the one and only cycling pug. Super cute in her basket. Her adventure was hunting my travel buddies "Kümmelbraten-Semmel" (some kind of Austrian food).

Since than I had hundreds of pictures from Candy but not that much videos. At this time I thought:

"I want to collect moments with my beloved dog."

"So I have to start now. While she still walks on my side!"

And I am so happy to have made this decision and all those videos so far. She started something with her charm and own happiness. I am full of gratitude. I have more than 12 years of wonderful memories and emotions. Let's say Candy-Motions. Because she didn't gave me only emotions. She gave me light. And now she is my light. My sweet little angel!



One day I see her again.

And meantime she is living her dream. Eating everything while watching over her Mom. And I'm sure she's watching of all her fellow travelers too! I will end this text with written lines by such a wonderful and beloved fellow traveler...


30.03.2009 - 06.09.2021
...and Candy if you're now able to read. I don't know if I said it enough in your life time. 1 4 3 - I love you!