Candy’s 12th birthday *new video*

My new video is out - enjoy with me Candy’s 12th birthday!!

Candy’s 12th birthday | 143 | a magical path full of happiness

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Wow, time flies - today, March 30th, 2021 is Candy’s 12th birthday!!

I’m full of gratitude to share so far twelve amazing years of my life with my pug Candy. I appreciate every moment with her. And I love the thought that she’s sharing her whole life with me. It’s amazing to see how she is getting older and it’s wonderful to remember when she was a sweet little baby pug. I love her - 1 4 3 ! #143

You do not know what 1 4 3 means? Me neither till recently. It means “I love you”. And I was very surprised as I discovered something much more special than that. As a crazy-believer in kindness, miracles and dreams, I share on this special day full of love and gratitude a very exciting announcement: ...I have written a book!! #indieauthor #believeinyourdreams

Yes, I did it! A real little book. My heart led me to an open road to a magical path full of happiness. My book is all about my life, accompanied by some great personalities. Full of dreams. My open road to a beautiful and happy neighbourhood.

But more about that soon on my website ➪

I’m very excited to share this today with you too! But this video should be more about my beloved Candy. It’s her 12th birthday and I’m sharing some beautiful drone shots of our birthday walk too!

Enjoy my video and stay tuned for more information!

Ps: You should know my book will be for free for everyone. It is only about the really important things that matter. The message.