Candy's first trailer adventure is out!

My new video is out - Candy's first trailer adventure!!

Candy's puglicious bike trailer ride | Danube island | Austria

Candys Adventure-Danube Island_thumbnail_webpng
Woohoo! My mom is the best mommy ever! She has bought me a bike trailer!

My very first bike trailer ever. I will be 12 years old in two weeks. Wow, time flies when you’re a happy pug. But sometimes I just need more rest. You should now I am around 65 in human years. In my younger days, I sat in my basket when mommy and I were on a bike adventure together. And today, my mommy recorded my very first adventure in my trailer as we cycled to one of mommy's favorite places on the Danube Island. This was a lot of fun!

Woofffilicious and puglicious Candy hugs to all of you!

Ps: Dorli is here! Candy was so excited and wanted to share her adventure on her own... Have fun watching and enjoy my video my friends!!! :)