Castle Ernstbrunn Video is out!

My new video is out - my first creation in 2021...

"Castle Ernstbrunn | Above, below and all around | Lower Austria"


How does the castle Ernstbrunn and this beautiful region look from above?

I would have to know that too. Thanks to D's Buddy -this name isn't written in stone, we'll give it another one together!- and my motivation to fly my drone smoothly brought me to this idea.

In my research to make good film content for you, I discovered a new channel for myself. One of his videos motivated me so much to make this spontaneous adventure video here in Lower Austria.

And this is my creation, a nice hike around this beautiful castle in the “Princely Reuss Castle Park” together with my filming assistant Melanie, my fabulous pug Candy and Dronie (D’s Buddy) made my day. Hopefully I will also inspire you for a new happy adventure out there...

Enjoy the region, nature and this joyful hike, have fun watching it !