Cloudy dog dreams *new video*

Yeahhh, a new video is online!

"Cloudy dog dreams | Novigrad, Croatia"

Cloudy dog dreams_thumbnail_webpng

"Cloudy dog dreams" - my little adventure to a wonderful dog beach and to Novigrad. And yes, still Planet Earth and still not in Redania *lol*. It was rainy and cloudy and I had to fix my bike. Not the perfect weather for a pug. Somehow it feels like something is missing when you go on an adventure without Candy. And a dog beach without Candy isn't fun either. A couple of Steinmenschen accompanied me. No, not the ones from Game of Thrones *lol*. They didn't speak. Kind of like Candy - haha I found these sculptures on the dog beach.

Mostly silent, but the day before Candy and I had a little chat. My pug princess told me something very special and I thought I want to share this idea with you!

Stay tuned for our Candy - Venture!!!

Ps: And if you like, check out the wonderful Dogs Dream Beach Bar: ...I'm sure I'll be there again soon!