Cycling Adventure to Punat *new video*

Yeahhh, a new video is online!

Cycling Adventure to Punat | Otok Krk, Croatia

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If you thinking about renting a bike on Otok Krk - a beautiful island in the northern Adriatic sea- and the friendly lady asks you twice “Are you sure you want to rent a normal bike and not an e-bike!? Ask yourself “why". Why does she ask twice...

The island Krk is a beautiful region to cycling. Hilly, but beautiful. The highest elevation is 568m (1864ft). I love to be out there in our beautiful nature. Simply to start an adventure. Without that much of a plan. It's wonderful to discover our world with by bike. On two wheels. Without an motor. My engine is my strong legs to push me up and down hills wherever I go. And yes - "push me trough" are the right words for this little adventure.

After two years without a journey to another country, it was the time to see the ocean again. I missed that view so much. So I checked the map and I was sure that the first thing I need to see again is the Adriatic Sea. It's by car only 6hrs away from Vienna. I found a nice place to stay at the village Vrbnik. Packed my best friend Conny and Candy -my pug- in my car and my journey began. Years ago I already visited the village Punat. According to Google Maps, it's just only 10km from my hotel where I was staying. I remember the village Punat was pretty nice. So I just started my ride...

Have fun with this bike ride - with all the ups and downs!

Ps: A very special thank you to Conny. You're my life saver! My angel. It was a beautiful time with you!!!