Dronie's first moments | new video

My new video is out - enjoy with me Dronie's first moments!!

Dronie's first moments | my DJI moment


As I recently stumbled upon some footage of my first moments with my drone. I asked myself: "Should I upload my very first moments with Dronie?". Well,... Why not?

As you already know, I love to make people smile - this video makes me smile too.

2021 began and I brought a DJI Mini 2* to make better footage for my Youtube videos. I love nerdy stuff like gaming. So it wasn't very complicated for me to handle this little baby. It's a bit like playing a video game. With one difference - Dronie has only one life.

I was so excited that day. And I'm happy to share my very first moments with you! Our world needs more happy moments!

Enjoy watching it. Have fun and smile with me!


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