Exciting news about my little book!

New month, new news. All new things are brought to you by the bright & colorful month of May. I’m in my magical flow like a river. In the next few days I'll tell you more about my book, about me and I'll show you my book cover.

And at the end of my puzzle, I'll also have a pre-order surprise for you. Stay tuned & happy May!

To reach the top of a very high mountain, one might need some tools. To make a delicious food staple, one might need a recipe. To live a truly happy life, one might need a different perspective. Doris Glück might not have climbed Mount Everest or ever prepared a highly complicated dish in her life, but she knows how to be happy. In this book, Dorli (as her close friends call her) shares her life history, thoughts, experiences, and adventures. She shows how the simplest things in life have enabled her to be happy. Dorli’s happiness and dreams in a simple, little book that also contains a love letter to Boulder, Colorado, and to a special man who lives there.

“Some great personalities accompanied me on this magical path. My way wasn’t always easy, but as a believer in a better world, one with kindness and dreams, my heart led me to an open road. It also led me to a beautiful city in Colorado and a bright and happy neighbourhood at the foothills of the Rockies."

You already know - but this is a little reminder. On the 143rd day - 2021 - something magical will happen. Magical for me, because I never ever thought I will do something like this. Life is a surprise. The official release is on May 23rd, 2021!

50 pages, 9 chapters, 2 formats, 1 message 

The inspiration behind a happy young woman whose life hasn’t been particularly easy.

I’m full of gratitude and love. I am very happy to share my book title with you! Life is a magical surprise.

Doris Glück was born in 1989 when the world changed. The Berlin Wall came down. The World Wide Web was invented. That was also the year when a loving grandmother took the opportunity to raise a little girl as her own, to raise a strong, independent woman who could overcome obstacles as she navigates the world. That’s how life began for Doris.

Life threw a lot at Doris. She overcame a lot. And, as she got older, she began to write down her dreams and hopes to share them with the world. She also created her simple and pink and little world. Some people call her crazy. Some people call her a believer. If you ask her, she will say she is a crazy believer. Doris believes in the little things and the power they have to change our world. Thirty years after her birth, the world has created invisible walls once more. But not for Doris, who believes happiness and kindness have no limit.

7. *PRICE*
E-Book 0.00€ | Yes. My book is completely free! You might think, nothing is for free. This one is free but not for nothing!

I love to share my joy of life. And if my story touches you, it's up to you to honor my writing. I love helping people. To inspire them to dream. To give hope. And of course, I wish and dream that my book will touch the heart of someone special too. You. In a very magical way.  

As you know, nothing is for free. I decided to pay for everything by myself. If you want a paperback, I'll send you one. As a gesture of goodwill and your genuine interest in getting a copy, you pay only 3.99€ for the print. It's printed in an eco-friendly way and I'm happy to send it personally to your place. Shipping costs are on me, it doesn't matter where you live.

Thank you for your support. Your kind comments. Your likes and shares. Simply thank you for everything. To all my friends, colleagues, believers, my helpers Rodrigo (Mr. Prose | #mrprosepublication ) & Casey and a very special thank you to a very special and inspiring person in Boulder, Colorado.

All of you make the world a better place!

Last but not least, my pre order surprise. My paperback. You get it completely free too (only until the official release). And, remember, it’s free but not for nothing!


All information you'll find right here as well: https://www.dorisglueck.com/my-book