Happy 2022!!!

Time flies.

A new year.


that means a new year with many new opportunities!


Things I can give every day. Without any expectations. Simply by being me.

Living in my pink bubble often makes time easier. But sometimes it's not as pink as I'd like it to be. Something has changed since Candy passed away. Yes. Ryan - my little king appeared. But not only that...

Candy was more than anything to me. She was truly a part of my happiness. It was hard to lose her. That time without her, I felt alone. Abandoned, like I was alone in the world. And I wished more than anything that I had my soulmate by my side. To hold me. Gives me strength. Giving me hope. I had my wonderful friends. And I am more than grateful for them. But this isn't the same. I couldn't expect them to always to be there for me. I wouldn't expect that from my soulmate either. But you know, that's very different thing. Being surrounded by your love. Or being surrounded by your beloved ones. Love and love is something different. Even it's the same word.

Candy was always my light. And even with her death, she sent me on a magical path. Looking for true love. Ryan, my little king appeared. He strengthen me. Gave and still give me many smiles. But still I felt like I was missing something or someone. Love and love is different.

LOVE for a friend.

LOVE for a moment.

LOVE for our furry friends.

LOVE for the not so furry ones too. :)

LOVE for our soulmate.

Yes. I believe in this little thing called love. I'm waiting for my light. Candy's magical shine that she gives me from heaven. I'm not waiting. I move forward. Evolve. My eyes are wide open. I'm happy and positive and optimistic in every way. I know there is somewhere my very special person. The one and only. My king. Because every kingdom also needs a king!

This isn't a new years resolution. Just my thoughts. And a dream. It has lain slumbering deep inside of me since I was a young girl. I have always believed in love. And in the good in our world and in people. I know there are others like me. Believers. Crazy believers. In love, in kindness, in people who dream and act.

...and your dreams comes true!

Happy new year!!! Happy 2022.

*This pic was taken after an amazing hike in Croatia. Sorry, no video made. I was just enjoying quality time with my little king over the holidays. I'm still not in the mood for making videos. But you can still follow me on my social media! :)