Happy Crashies *new video*

Yeahhh, a new video is online! 

Happy Crashies | From Novigrad to Umag | Croatia

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In my last adventure, I went from Vienna to Carinthia (https://youtu.be/ZbVJEqjRsDQ). But that wasn't the real adventure. My final destination was the ocean. The wonderful Adriatic Sea. Croatia. And I am so happy to share this beautiful bike trip with you!

In "Happy Crashies" you'll see me & my bike. Wonderful beach shots, some amazing aerial shots and you get a little English/ German lesson. And maybe there will be a little crashie. But only maybe... ;)

I rode my bike from Novigrad to Umag. And tried to peddal right along the coast. And no, I do not mean The Witcher's Novigrad in Redania. That's a different world. My starting place was on planet Earth. It is a town in the western region of Istria/ Croatia. From 1270 it was under the rule of the Republic of Venice, which gave it the Italian name of Cittanova. This means Novigrad.

My route was not exactly planned. But the wonderful cycling infrastructure in Istria made it easy for me to get to Umag. Okay, there was a detour and as I said, maybe there was also a little crashie. But check it out for yourself!

Stay tuned for more Croatia videos!!!

Ps: And if you like, check out all the wonderful bike trails in Istria here: http://www.istria-bike.com/ ...I'm impressed how many there are!