Help for "Nelly" - Dorli's birthday wish

Today on the 7th of March I thought my birthday is soon. The beautiful 14th of March is my special day, but I have everything what I need. So I thought, I help someone who needs help...

Like my friend Florence. She is a wonderful caring person and love cats. For more than 15 years she has at work a cute stray cat called "Nelly". Nelly visit Florence's working place very often. This winter Nelly was completely disoriented and Florence thought she will help Nelly and bring her to a vet.

Since Nelly unfortunately has no owners, Florence has decided to provide the stray senior a warm home & much needed, medical care. Nelly has a detached retina in both eyes and is completely blind. Unfortunately, her kidney and heart values do not look good at all and she has much too high cholesterol. At the beginning Florence was very worried how she would get along in her apartment and with her other four velvet paws. In the meantime time have passed and Nelly is just grateful, cuddly as ever and never felt the need to leave the apartment.

For years Nelly put a smile on Florence's face with her purr-fect visits and sweet nature even on hard work days. Now it was time for Florence to give something back:

A warm, loving place to spend the rest of her days!

Nelly's recurring visits to the vet (she is already very old and now unfortunately also sick), medication and the special food are very expensive. But Florence is doing her best to help this cute and old cat! Isn't that beautiful?!

Let's support her together. I don't ask for much. But to help each other is in our time important and more worth than anything. Let's be together a helping hand for Nelly & Florence. I only have this one birthday wish!




Yours Dorli

Ps: If you have any further questions how Nelly is doing, don't hesitate and to ask my Friend Florence directly. The easiest way is here: FLORENCE

I'll post some updates on in my campaign and leave this fundraiser open until the end of March to help Nelly even more.