Romance scammers and true love

2022 - I think it’s time to talk about real life and how I always find a way to be happy.

As you already know, this year started for me with the idea of writing a little more. It helps me to evolve. And why not write a blog!!!

Let’s start with a topic that has nothing to do with HAPPINESS. Fraud and greed. And my childhood. Ok, my childhood was the best as long as my grandmother was alive. If you read my book, you would know that even my mother betrayed me for the money! Long story short… I inherited a house - my mother sold it extremely cheap just to get some money - a lawyer took care of my inheritance and I got the money when I was 18. Since I was about 9 years old, people have tried to fraud me. And why? Always because of money?!

Some people simply don’t get it that money can’t buy happiness!!!

Well, the next guy was already lurking when I was 18. Long story short - I lost all my money from my inheritance and had to go into debt. 15 years later, I’m without any loans, happy and independent in life. I never needed anyone to help me get out of debt. I am independent in every point of my life. But somehow I miss something. Yes, I miss Candy a lot. But I really like to share. And I think it’s a person I'm looking for, to share my life with.

I have always believed in goodness and love. And with one of my favorite words - LOVE - we start our next topic. This topic now could have a lot to do with HAPPINESS. But unfortunately it doesn't have much to do with it, as I would like. Online dating. Scammers & mean people. Online dating has become popular in our time and I think if you use it right, you can find your soulmate there. Why not?! We all have certain standards for what we are looking for and online dating somehow makes it easier to filter. I would also prefer traditional dating. But why not give it a chance?! If the people would use it exactly the way as the creator of a dating app designed it. Yeah, I try to find my partner there. Whenever I am single, I believe that my soulmate could be there too. Why not?! You know, that's a good question for everything! But my experience in the last year so far has been horrible. And I want to share my experiences with you…

This little collection should help you,... get out of a similar situation or just make peace with your curiosity about which guys Dorli is dating (or not):

Candidate No 1:

J. | 35 years old from Texas | Tinder match | he wanted to switch to Hangouts right way | after many charming chats and two planned video calls - which didn’t worked cos of bad connection - he asked to buy him ITunes cards | Romance scammer #1.

Candidate No 2:

?. (forgot the name) | about 39 years old | a US soldier stationed somewhere far away - but he had given Vienna as his real location in the dating profile | he said he wanted to settle down in in Austria | he was using a device without permission and he didn’t had so much time | he saw my photo and fell in love | after a few days of writing he wanted my address to send me some stuff because there is some problem | Romance scammer #2.

Candidate No 3:

Same story as before | only an US doctor | I blocked him before he could ask for my address or something | maybe it was the same guy?! the spelling looked familiar | Romance scammer #3.

Candidate No 4:

R. | 51 years old | IT specialist - entrepreneur | he feels lonely and asked me after only one day of writing if I would spend a lockdown with him - cos he has a house with a pool and needs company | I told this strange story to my best buddy and he did a reverse photo search about this guy.... it was a fake account!! He took the photos for his Tinder profile from a famous gay model who is detained in South Africa | Romance scammer #4 (or mean person #1 - I don't know)

Candidate No 5:

A. | 46 years old from Vienna | Business man | he seemed to be from my neighborhood | he was living in divorce from his alcoholic wife | we chatted for about a month | he always had a good way not to meet | after a while he sent me a message from his private number - cos I "earned it" | his profile picture from his WhatsApp seemed much older and I asked about | he said “a friend of mine loves to play with my photos on Faceapp and I used them for Tinder” and “age doesn’t matters” ...blah blah | all his photos were fake | he was about 20 years older!!! | Mean person #1 

Candidate No. 6:

N. | 35 years old | a Greek living and working in Vienna | Architect | we wrote honestly about future plans and more | he invested a lot of time and wrote me when I traveled to Croatia over the Christmas holidays - we really wrote a lot | also we had some kind of sexual thing that was kind of interesting (no nude pics from my side! I found his attractive though)  | when I came back to Vienna we wanted to meet... he blocked me just before the date started -twice!!! | he kinda had fun to make me think that it was my fault that the date couldn't happen | just a manipulative guy!! but I have experience with people like that - kinda sad but very useful knowledge in this situation | Mean person #2

Candidate No. 7:

R. | 36 years old | Viennese, born and raised in England | mental coach for his rich Dubai boss | is bisexual and has a crush on his boss | wants only the best for his boss and is looking for a wife for him - cos he knows his boss is 100% straight and he never had a chance | when I said I'm not interested he started to argue and tried to manipulate me - tried to make me feel bad - it didn't worked - I know my values | And luckily my experience told me what to do… the contact is blocked and I moved forward as usual | Mean person #3

Candidate No. 8:

Well, I hope the guy I am texting with right now isn't the next psychopath for my collection here. I try to not be prejudiced, but sometimes it is really hard. Good list or bad list - we’ll see!!! Either way, this man will get a special article. But I wish and hope he is one of the good ones. Wish me luck!!!

I don’t know how many matches I had last year. Let’s say a few….

Some of them I like to honor especially here and now: All the wonderful -sarcasm on- guys who sent me dick pics. Thank you! It’s disgusting when you get a pic like this after a nice “Hi! How are you?”. And a special thank you for this lovely -sarcasm is still on- guy who asked on Christmas Eve if I needed a side job. He would pay 500€ for a blow job. Thank you! If this guy is reads my article… “No - thank you. Money or a blow job don't make me happy!”.

All I wanna know is why people are doing it???

I am sure some of them cos of money. But the others? Don't they have a heart? Or a brain? It's bad waste people's time. But not knowing that they are wasting their own time as well. That's more than sad. People like this don't know that they live only once. They decide in full on behalf of their mind to hurt other people's feelings. Just like that.

If you think you've been scammed, or you're not sure about it. This is a very good description about of romance scam: (If you are sure it's a scam - report this person on the dating app and officially to a police station. Take screenshots. Keep photos and all info. You're just helping to make the world a little better.)


Report these people and fight with me for love!

Feelings are there to make us feel that we’re alive. They make us human. Not being able to feel love... What kind of life would that be? Unconditional love. Like the love you get from a dog. Can people give that kind of love? Unconditionally. Or are our furry friends more human than we think? I’m grateful for the love of my sweet boy Ryan. He is a huge part of my HAPPINESS. The other part is my pink bubble. Filled with good friends and our beautiful nature. My hopes and dreams. I'm simply trying to move forward. That's the only way I can go. Forward. Life has many ups and downs. Where there is rain, there is sunshine too.

This reminds me of yin & yang. In a world where there are so many mean people, it is just good to know that there are also good ones. I know a few. And they are a part of my HAPPINESS. :)

Writing about all of this helps me to process. And hope it helps you too. Try to learn from my stories. Learn from my little world…

…as you know. I'm always or at least mostly positive and optimistic. I'm grateful for this experience with the guys on the list of good and bad people. I've learned from each one of them. And I am glad those guys wasted their time with me - and not with you.

Somehow, I feel like a protector for LOVE & HAPPINESS. know, helping others makes me happy too. Peace to all of you! Never stop believing!!!

Your Dorli


Ryan - the little king. Unconditionally love. This is how love should be. Just real.