Valentine's Day Video is out!

My new video is out - my Valentine's day 2021.

"Valentine's Day in the Forest of Eternity | Vienna - Austria"

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My Valentine's day 2021. And wow, two great men joined me on my hike. But sadly only in my thoughts.

One of these great man is Ryan → I don’t know him personally. But I know he’s awesome. Do me a favour and subscribe to his channel: Ryan Van Duzer. He is a wonderful personality in the inside and out. He respects the little things in life and sees our wonderful world exactly as it is. Simply beautiful. A healthy & positive personality is worth so much and can change the world! He motivates people to get out and enjoy the nature around us. He’s been on Youtube longer than I have and has a wider range to spread his vibes. And I totally agree with his way of life.

And as I recently discovered, we've something super special in common… A thinking tree (Watch his Thinking tree video here: My Thinking Tree). You should say “thank you” to Ryan. Without him, I might not share my special place with you so soon.

The other great man is Alex. My best friend. My thinking tree. Alex is buried in the Forest of Eternity in Mauerbach, Vienna. He passed away in 2016. After 15 years of friendship, I lost my best friend. That’s not so usual to bury your 35 year old friend. Alex was not ordinary, he was very special. And so his family decided not to bury him in a traditional way. The day of the ceremony wasn’t traditional either. And so this place became a special place for me. A forest to calm down and think about everything and nothing, next to my best friend, Alex.

Valentine's day. The day of love. This is the day I share my love not only with these great two men. I share my love with all of you. Let me introduce you to my special place, the Forest of Eternity.

Through all seasons this forest reminds us of the circle of life. The becoming, the being and the passing. Enjoy with me the “being” and my hike on the Vienna City Hiking Path No.8 to the Sophienalpe. While hiking, I share my love, kindness & gratitude with you.

I am very thankful to have such lovely friends & strangers out there watching my videos! I appreciate every single one of you. It’s heartwarming to read all your kind comments. It feels like my videos make you happy. And hopefully this personal story will make you happy too.

Oh, and of course, my Burrito-Candy is also with me!

Lots of love, yours Dorli & Candy