The sweetest princess

In 2009, this adorable little creature appeared. She came out of nowhere. She was not planned. I walked into a pet store and there she was. A little pug puppy. Four tiny legs and two big brown eyes. In her sweet mouth was my shoestring. This little cutie found me. A place to rest. On my shoe. Ever since I got her, she’s been hungry. For everything - for food and for life.

She was destiny.

This little puppy with 8 weeks already knew more than I did. I didn't know that much about dogs. But I always loved them. After I bought Candy, I thought this breed was made just for me. Every aspect of this wonderful pug character is special. A cute clown with a big heart (and tummy). In my research about PUGS I discovered that they were bred in the Han dynasty (B.C. 206 to A.D. 200) as a lap dog for Chinese emperors, they lived in a palace and were sometimes even guarded by soldiers. Yes, this special breed led a royal life for a long time. And princess Candy continued this without knowing. I shared with her my palace - or apartment. Ah, anyway... I hope it was the same for her. It was our home. I felt that I was her home - with and without treats.

Candy got a lot of cookies and very special treats in her life. From the very beginning she loved food. Bananas and apples from my work mates and sometimes she even got a small slice of a pizza from her caring friends. She knew exactly how and what to do and where people hid their food (and garbage cans). Very smart! Yes. That was my girl. Even though food came first for her, she had model curves. Always. That was important to me to give her a long and adventurous life. Perfectly in shape, she played a lot with other pugs and with her fur friends. From age of two until the age of seven she lived with her friend “Charly” - a silver Labrador Retriever. And guess who always had the lead role? Yep, the bigger one. Candy. Candy, the princess.

Some of you know Candy from the beginning. Her life has been full of journeys and stories. More than I could record. I did my best to capture the last years of her life. Thanks to YouTube, I was able to share them with others. We all know - the best things come at the end. I really hope you all enjoy her adventures so far. I just love all of these memories! For all the people who didn't know Candy before her YouTuber life, I would like to tell you a funny story about her...

Once upon a time there was a young dog lady named Candy, who was in the first year of her life. We lived happily together. Every little or huge person was a friend. It was at this time I met my ex-husband. On one of our very first dates, we went for a romantic walk. All together. It was fabolous. A beautiful field, the smell of love and summer was in the air and Candy was jumping over the tall grass. Full of joy and... Shit! Yes. She found a wonderful and romantic pile of shit. And that wasn't all. Hungry as ever, she had to try this brown and interesting deliciousness. Oh, and it smelled so good to her. Not enough, the little goofball also had to roll around in it. Yummy,... On this Sunday - I remember it well, because there were newspapers “for free”- the daily newspaper saved this little young dog lady a jump into the Danube. Arrived home and after at least one or three baths her seductive smell was still there. Many friends and also we had to laugh about it for a long time. But even though she did that, she was special and brought joy. Brought laughter to everyone around her. Candy, the cheerful princess.

She gave me more than twelve years full of joy and love. I know she is in a wonderful place now. Maybe in a royal dog heaven. Without any pain. And with lots of food (not the brown and stinky - haha). She still makes me smile, even though she’s gone. Candy gave me a lot of memories. Her light will guide me. She is my leading light. This innocent and pure soul. Eternally. Forever. My destiny. Candy - the sweetest princess.

Royal cookie monster. Banana Joe. Soul dog. Life changer.

My last blog about my princess. For you. For Candy.

2009 - 2021

Rest in peace.


Doris Glück

Video Creator, Writer or simply Dorli

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