Happy day to all!!!

People who know me, know I am a happy person and mostly with a smile. Every day I ride my bike 7km to work and back. Sometimes my pug “Candy” in her backpack gives someone a smile. Sometimes I inspire others with my smile. But most off the time I don't. This is busy Vienna. Sadly.

I like to tell you a story about a tradition in Boulder, Colorado - USA. One of my favorite humans >>> Ryan Van Duzer lives there. I watch this
beautiful and sweet tradition every week on his social media accounts. Every Thursday a bunch of people from Boulder get together to take a community bicycle ride. They cruise around. All together through town to wish everyone a “happy Thursday”. Some of them wear funny costumes or pimp up their bikes with lights, flowers, music or whatever. They cheer around, spread joy and love their life. Without any reason for good or bad in our world. Just for themselfs. Just to be happy. A bit goofy, isn’t it?!

I say yes to goofiness and happiness!
Life is tough enough!

I wonder if it's possible to cycle happily on Thursdays in Vienna? Over the summer months I wait at 6 PM in front of the Vienna Opera to ride the Ring-Rundradweg/ cycle path. Although it's only 5km, it is certainly enough km to meet a lot of people. And why not go around twice?!

Everyone is welcome to join in. Let’s make Vienna happy together! This is supposed to be my happy Thursday round to make my little world a little bit better. I'm just happy to share this idea with my friends. The old and the new. And like I said, everyone is welcome!

Joy and happiness around the world! From Vienna to Boulder and wherever other people also have this beautiful tradition.

Grab your bike (or a Vienna Citybike/ www.citybikewien.at ) or whatever you prefer to cruise around and let's spread kindness and joy together.

I am looking forward to see you!

Your Dorli

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P.S. Recently I saw in a local newspaper that Vienna is number four most unfriendly city in the world in 2021. Maybe next year we aren't in the top 5. That would be awesome! P.P.S. And thank you Ryan, for your weekly happy updates in Boulder. I’m slowly falling in love - with this place! P.P.P.S. Please pay attention to our 3 G-rules and the current covid laws of Vienna/ Austria!


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