Let's go back to one of my journeys...

Let's go back to November 2019. I was young and single my best friend  - the best travel buddy on earth - and I decided it was time to travel and we started to look for a new adventure.

We found an amazing trip online on our research...
A 15-day hike-bike-kayak round trip in Thailand.
Offered by a -to me unknown- travel agency named G Adventures. This round trip sounded so amazing that I took the risk to give my savings to this travel agency and I booked the adventure.

And it was one of the best descisions in my life!

Hiking in the jungle of Chiang Mai where I slept over a chicken farm in the kitchen of a homestay,
cycling through the tiny and full packed streets in the city of Bangkok,
kayaking in the fabulous blue sea trough mangroves in Krabi.

Well, this was not all. The most beautiful experience on this journey were the people there. But not the people of that country. Don't get me wrong, Thais are lovely people. I mean specially this travel group. 14 different personalities from 7 different countries on this amazing adventure and no one was complaining about something. Every person was happy, the whole time. Every person was a real part of this group and was caring about each other. The "G" from the travel agencies name stands for "good" - they should change it to an "S" like superb. I travelled a lot before this trip, I've seen a lot, I`m open minded and I've met a lot of people in my life, but never changed a journey so much my life...

...we spoke English the whole time. And I had so much fun in this language!

The appreciation of my adventure friends that I try to speak English -their language- motivated me. Everyone was delighted about the courage that I have adapted for myself. And so I fell in love with this beautiful language. And I guess, I don't have to mention that after this Thailand adventure, every single person had tears in their eyes as we said goodbye.

Back in my hometown Austria, I was sure I would love to speak English fluently, like a native. To be well prepared for my next journeys to communicate and find more fabolous friends around the world. So I planned a trip to Dublin/ Ireland to visit a language school and live there with a guest family. Then in spring 2020 the Corona pandemic hits our world and with all these restrictions I couldn't get there. So I had to change my plans. I don't like to go to school in Austria. My English should be only for casual things. And I thought I have to look for some casual English people here in Austria. I tried some apps to find friends who wanna chat with me. But this isn't so easy like it sounds and it doesn't work well. So I thought about a plan C.

I was looking for English events on Facebook and I found a English Stand Up Comedy event. I thought something to laugh could help and when it's in English maybe more people like me are there. Well, I was the only Austrian girl there to improve her English. But the comedy scene here is lovely, I have every time so much to laugh and I didn't know that we have such a great English community. The host from this comedy club welcomed me with open arms. Also the other comedians and their friends, they invited me to hang out with them. But my English wasn't so good for group conversations and I feet like in the same situation as in Thailand. I did understand more, but I was too slow to react in a conversation and I was mostly the silent part. I wanted more!

Humor & Storytelling

Through a coincidence I found on Spotify a podcast. A British stand-up comedian who is a qualified English teacher. He has a great sense of humor and always has good content in his lessons.
As I heard recently episode 623. "13 terrible jokes, explained"
- he said...

This motivated me to practice more. To tell stories about my adventures. And put more effort into my 2nd language dream.

I know every dream can be true!

I simply love to create all my content in English.
It's a beautiful language!

I like to inspire people to start something.

Start adventures if you like.
Start speaking a 2nd language if you like.
Start to do something good.
Start everything what makes you happy*.
(*but please, nothing criminal)

We have only one life and when a dream never comes true, it will be always a dream.
Try to reach your dreams and believe!

I love to share my unstoppable optimism & happiness!
Perhaps it´s my name "Glück" [German] means luck/happiness.
Or maybe my desire to make a better world?! A positive and happy world!

I simply live my dream.


Doris Glück

Video Creator, Writer or simply Dorli

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