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First I have to say thank you to a great man. My inspiration for film making, my travel buddy Josef!

He creates since 20 years amazing videos. And he made a video about our Thailand adventure too - sorry, only for private use. I've seen this video so often and every time when I watch it, I feel like I am back at this beautiful place on our beautiful planet. It's a bit like time traveling. Back to all the wonderful people from that journey.

Before I started with YouTube I was more into photography - because it's easier. You just have to push "click" and you have your photo. But I recognized, I don’t feel the same when I look at it. I don't live the moment the way as I would watch a video. The easiest way is nice, but not the best way to get something super special!

2020 I thought about Candy. I have hundreds of pics from her, but not that much videos.

I want to collect moments with my beloved dog. So I have to start now while she still walks on my side!

I filmed my first video in summer - my cycling trip to Bratislava with the one and only cycling pug Candy. And as I edited this video, everything developed like a rolling stone. I created subtitles, to integrate my 2nd language dream into my films. In a conversation about my film passion someone asked me "Why not on YouTube?".

And I thought "Why not?!".

Why not...

...share my adventures, journeys and Candy's entertaining moments?

...be an inspiration to learn a 2nd language?

...create something special?

...make people happy?

And this is how my YouTube channel was born.


I've created this video to show you who I am
and what my Youtube channel is all about.
 On this channel you will see a lot of our beautiful mother nature, my fabulous pug kingdom and of course also me with my cheerful nature and funny translations. I'm sure there are a few.

Let me lighten your mood and at the same time I improve my English.

Nothing is perfect, but with happy moments and a smile everything is better!

I don't know what adventures the future will bring...

If you're still reading my text,

I guess, it is time to follow me somehow. My social media accounts are filled with a lot of happiness and some little stories.

And if you already follow me...

Thank you!

You spend your valuable time with me.

Thank you! My friends, my colleagues, my followers, yes YOU - for your support for believing in me, that means a lot to me!!


I produce all my videos without any ads - I pay all by myself and all my recommendations are my personal experiences. 

For you is everything FREE!

If you like to support me and my work buy me a coffee. All of my friends who know me know - I love coffee!


Doris Glück

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